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Welcome to the Northern Counties Schools' Football Association Website for season 2019-20

This website has information and news relating to schools' Inter-County football in the 11 Counties of the North Region.


It is with the deepest sadness that we announce that Dave Prothero of Cumbria, Cleveland, and North Yorkshire CSFA died, on 6th December, at the age of 69 following a stroke and heart attack in mid-November. This is devastating news and will send a shockwave through the Schools Football world.

Dave was well known across the North of England for his constant dedication to school football across four decades. He played a significant role in all three counties and unwaveringly supported the development of schools football, through his experience and knowledge of all things relating to Schools football. He had served as the honorary auditor to both the Northern Counties and the ESFA and only recently took on the role as Treasurer of the Northern Counties SFA. He served with great distinction and total commitment as Chairman of the NCSFA in four seasons, 1990, 2001, and 2012, nominated by Cumbria, and in 2019 having moved to North Yorkshire.

Very many young people, boys and girls, owe a great debt of gratitude to Dave for his unstinting efforts to create opportunity for them to play football at the best possible level.

We arecertain that all those involved in English Schools football, and especially the Northern Counties, will have a story or memory of Dave. He was unfailing in his love of the game in Schools, and all that it could offer. He was totally reliable and his loss will be felt by all who had the pleasure to know him. He was always true to his word. If there was a job to be done then Dave would make sure it was done, and done well.

His handshake was legendary. His sense of humour likewise. Dave was a powerful and forthright advocate for Schools Football and to meet him, and to be in his company, was a privilege that he shared with many across the years he gave to our game.

The Northern Counties SFA has lost a great friend. We are the richer for having known him, and working with him. But that only serves to deepen the great loss we have just incurred.


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Under 14 Girls (Results)
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